Campylobacteriosis (Vibriosis) is an acute zoonotic (infection occurs from animals) bacterial disease, with a predominantly fecal-oral transmission mechanism, characterized by damage to the gastrointestinal tract and occurring against the background of feverish intoxication syndrome.

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High susceptibility to campylobacteriosis in individuals with weakened resistance, immunodeficiency, severe comorbidity, after gastrectomy and treatment with immunosuppressants. Also at high risk are people working in the agricultural industry. The prevalence is geographically very high and occurs on all continents, which is associated with the intensification of antivert husbandry, increased international trade in animal feed and increasing urbanization. SeasonalTh disease is recorded throughout the year, but the maximum rise in incidence in June-August, and the minimum - in the winter months. Causes of infection with campylobacteriosis.

The causative agent of meclizine pills. In the environment, at room temperature, it persists for 1-5 weeks, the same periods of stability when the pathogen is found in food, tap and waste water, milk, and also in biological waste. At sub-zero temperatures, it remains for several months.

The source is agricultural and domestic animals (rabbits, pigs, cows, sheep, ducks, etc.), and rodents and wild animals complete this list. Symptoms of campylobacteriosis.

The incubation period is the period of time from the beginning of the introduction of the pathogen, to the first signs of the disease, lasts 2-11 days, but on average 1-5. During this period, the pathogen penetrates through the gastrointestinal tract and adheres (fixes) it to enterocytes (intestinal cells), mainly the small intestine, after which the pathogen begins to multiply, colonizing the rest of the intestine and, upon reaching a certain concentration of the pathogen, the next period occurs - clinical manifestations .

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The period of clinical manifestations is characterized by either gastroenteritis, or enterotoma, or enterocolitis, but other clinical forms are also possible - it depends on the amount of the infectious dose, on the premorbid background (presence of aggravating factors from the body), on the state of resistance. So, under unfavorable circumstances (young age, imperfect immune system, concomitant pathology - malformations or diseases), bacteremia may develop with dissemination of the pathogen to various organs and tissues - that is, sepsis occurs, with the formation of secondary bacterial foci in the heart, central nervous system , lungs, liver and other organs.

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Etiotropic therapy - is aimed at the use of antibiotics, the most effective are gentamicin and erythromycin, and the least effective are kanamycin, chloramphenicol, semi-synthetic antibiotics. Symptomatic therapy is determined by clinical manifestations: antipyretics, the appointment of pre- and probiotics, enzymatic therapy, immunomodulators and immunostimulants under the control of immunograms, etc.

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Specific prevention has not been developed, and non-specific is to comply with the rules of processing and storage of food products, observing the rules of personal hygiene and protecting water bodies from pollution by sewage. Question: Is immunity preserved after an illness? Answer: post-infectious immunity is little studied, but after the illness, bacteria with feces can be excreted within 2-5 weeks (this period may be less when treated with antibiotics). Question: Is a sick person dangerous? Answer: officially no, but a potential threat remains.

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intestinalis is often found in the intestines of sheep, less often in cattle. The disease can cause abortions occasionally in cattle, more often in sheep. Sheep vibriosis is not sexually transmitted by rams, and even experimentally it is not possible to cause an infection by the genital route, while the introduction of the pathogen through the digestive tract or intraperitoneally after 7-25 days often leads to abortion.

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There are two varieties: var. venefalis, which is sexually transmitted, and var. intestinalis, which lives mainly in the intestines. In cattle, the reservoir and source of the infectious agent are sires, in which V. fetus var. veneralis multiplies on the mucosa of the prepuce. The pathogen is transmitted by natural or artificial insemination.
Bryner cites reports published in 1913 by Curtis of a vaginal discharge resembling leucorrhea in women caused by the same microorganism that he isolated from a patient with a postpartum infection.
Vincent et al. described the first case of abortion in a pregnant woman caused by this pathogen in France. In 1950 the same author described the case mentioned in more detail and reported the following two cases of abortion caused by vibriosis in the same district of France.

The disease was described in England by McFadyen and Stockman, first in sheep and then in cows, with an indication of its severe course, that is, of the abortions it causes. Smith and Taylor conducted an extensive study of sick cows in the United States and isolated the pathogen, which they named Vibrio fetus. Subsequently, the disease has been reported in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and Belgium.

Observations are known confirming that vibriosis can also affect a person, whether they are pregnant women in whom it causes abortions, or more often men and non-pregnant women in whom it manifests itself in the form of endocarditis, pericarditis, thrombophlebitis, pneumonia, meningitis, arthritis, etc. P.